Contributing guide

Thank you for investing your time in contributing to this project! :sparkles:.

New contributor guide

To get an overview of the project, read the README and wiki page.

Project structure:

├── assets                       - assets for creating background images
|   ├── backgrounds              - backgrounds used in each theme
|   ├── fonts                    - fonts
|   ├── icons                    - icons
|   ├── menu                     - menu parts
|   └── theme.txt                - theme configuration file
├── docs                         - documentation markdown files
├── preview                      - preview images for
├── themes                       - compressed themes ready to install in .tar format
└── themes.json                  - json file containing all themes definitions (used as database for wiki page)


Folders that trigger new action/workflow:

Every time you create new commit on master branch, github action bot will update all files (as defined in this file).
You can track your workflows here.


├── master                       - main branch containing latest changes
├── legacy                       - obsolete C# program, replaced by Github Actions workflow
└── templates                    - PSD, phosothop templates for background images

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are psd templates located?
A: Templates are located in templates branch.

Q: How can I edit psd template? I don't have Photoshop
A: You can import psd into GIMP, however this might cause to lose some Photoshop related data. I recommend to use Photopea - free web-based Photoshop alternative.